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Jerusalem Cherry is a decorative plant that bears beautiful, decorative orange apples from late autumn to early winter. Not edible.
The leaves are somewhat thicker and fleshy to the touch, somewhat like the leaves of a succulent plant, and grow on thin stems. Very easy plant.
Zamioculcas has broad outgoing branches with elliptical leathery dark green glossy leaves, it is an asset to any interior.
The leaf begonia, on the other hand, must have its velvety leaves. He has enchanting leaf drawings. They are silvery or pink, burgundy red or different shades of green depending on how the light falls.
Celosia: an eye-catcher with many faces. The celosia has oval, green leaves and in summer to autumn, pyramidal, pinnate, deep purple 15cm long flower heads.
Calathea rufibarba leaves are thin and elongated, open in point and have wavy edges. The underside is dark red and has a soft, almost hairy, structure.
Crassula is a very strong succulent plant. It has shiny small stubby leaves that sometimes have a red edge. The wild look gives a tough look.
The Azalea is a very multifunctional housemate and an exuberant bloomer. Place this colorful plant in the room and you will immediately have color in your home
Helleborus or Christmas Rose are interesting plants because they bloom early in the winter with many variations, color and some with fragrance. Evergreen
The flowers stand out strikingly against the graceful, white marbled leaves. The leaves are heart- or kidney-shaped, the water-bearing flower stems are hollow.
It blooms in the living room from December to May. A climbing plant with fine twigs and fragrant white tubular flowers. It is a winter bloomer.
The Christmas cactus is a sparkling bloomer, has flat leaves with curved spines and naturally blooms in winter. Then the Christmas cactus produces purple, red, white, pink flowers. So there is a good chance that you will enjoy its colors around Christmas.
The Livistona is very suitable for those who are looking for a beautiful, small palm. This fan palm has elegant leaves and, unlike other fan palms, the Livistona's leaves form one whole.
Beautiful, often fragrant flowers appear between the vine branches. They not only bloom in the summer, but this beauty continues to bloom tirelessly well into the autumn. Mandevilla not only has beautiful flowers, but also beautiful, glossy green leaves.
It is a beautiful and easy plant. The leaves are about 2 centimeters long. They are green on the bottom and purple on the top.
Chlorophytum originates from Southern Africa. The name means nothing more than 'yellow-green plant'. It is a particularly strong houseplant with narrow curved leaves. It is a very easy houseplant. Can also be used in hanging pots.
It is a very decorative and strong species with large, green, shiny leaves. At the ends of the tendrils the tubular red flowers form calyxes from which the flower buds appear. After flowering, prune the plant back a bit to keep it compact.
You can recognize the Sanseveria by the sturdy, pointed leaves that come straight out of the soil. They are (grey) green, striped, spotted or have a yellow bord.
Pokon plant food. Pokon Houseplant nutrition 500ml & 1000ml. Your houseplants will grow extra and flower beautifully when you feed.
It is a decorative and cheerful houseplant, known as a compact growth plant with small dark green leaves and a sea of ​​colorful orange, yellow or white berries.
Fatsia of Fatsi is a fast-growing plant with lobed, glossy green leaves. It has large leaves of 15 to 30 cm wide on an equally long stem. Can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
Parthenocissus striata, also called sugar grape, is a nice plant and easy to care for. Hangs nicely with its small dark green leaves.
Asplenium is a fern with tongue-shaped leaves. The leaves are glossy green with wavy edges and a striking, almost black midrib.
The large round leaves have dark green veins with exuberant patterns in a light fresh green color between the veins. They look like they've been painted! In addition, no leaf is the same.

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Our indoor plants, which you can order online from us, bring color and atmosphere to your interior. We have a wide range of indoor plants that you can order online or buy in our store, so you will surely find something to your liking. Think of Desert Rose, Woman's Tongues, Eternal Flame, Finger Tree and so much more! You can order all indoor plants from us online and have them delivered to your home. Our main working area is the area around our store, Kalmthout, near Antwerp, but for a fee we also deliver orders throughout Belgium and from 65 euros the order is even free. We also deliver our plants, such as our indoor plants that you can buy online, abroad!

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We ensure that your indoor plants that you can buy online are always delivered safely and undamaged and we provide special shipping boxes for this. Our packaging is environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources. We do everything we can to deliver the indoor plants that you can buy online in the most sustainable way. Thanks to the track & trace code that you receive after your order, you can continue to track your indoor plants.

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Want to make your home a little greener? Don't wait and choose to order your favorite indoor plants online today. Don't forget to indicate a delivery date and you will soon have your plants delivered to your home at the right time. If you would like more information about ordering indoor plants online, you can always reach us by emailing [email protected] or calling 03 658 26 00.

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