CARE of English daisy (Bellis):

Officially it is a perennial plant, but flowering declines in the third year, which is why it is usually grown as an annual or biennial. The leaves are all arranged in a root rosette and are spatula-shaped, the edge is serrated, and there is one flower head on the flower stem. As long as it does not freeze, the plant blooms all year round.

The trick to keeping Bellis perennis blooming for a very long time (well into summer) is to regularly remove the fading flowers. When the plant stops producing large amounts of new flowers, leave the remaining ones to set seed for next year's plant production.


Height: 1 - 20 cm
Hardy: Yes
Humidity: Regular water
Light: Sun or partial shade
Evergreen: Deciduous

Without accompanying decorative pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Every plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The plant/pot shown may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or online store.

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April - September
Winter hardy
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Butterflies, Bees & Other insects
Air purifying
Does not apply
Perennial plant
2-year old plant
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