CARE of African violets (Saintpaulia):

There is a very extensive choice of flower colors and shapes; single, double, star-shaped, there are even fringed types. The plant grows very well in artificial light and can therefore offer flowering plants almost all year round. The leaves are rather 'fleshy' and hairy.

Tip Do not mist. Moisture on the leaves causes brown spots. Submerge or place the plant on a saucer. Remove old and ugly leaves.

Location No full sun, but plenty of light. Not too hot. A room temperature around 20°C is sufficient. They need a moist atmosphere. Make sure that the roots are not constantly in moisture. That can cause root rot. Do not allow the winter temperature to drop below 16°C.

Water Water regularly during the growth period. Make sure that the roots never remain constantly wet. Allow the potting soil to dry slightly between two waterings. Water moderately in winter. Provide plant food regularly during flowering.


Height: 15 - 25 cm
Hardy: not winter hardy
Humidity: standard
Light: partial shade
Evergreen: evergreen

Without matching ornamental pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Each plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The shown plant/pot may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or webshop.

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