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Wedding bouquet - Bridal bouquet

Are you getting married? We are happy to give you advice about flower arrangements on one of the most beautiful days of life. We make the most beautiful wedding bouquets that you can easily order. We will even look for that one flower for the bridal bouquet that perfectly matches your personality. Because the ideal flowers for a special occasion such as a wedding are different for everyone, no prices are listed for the online examples of the wedding bouquets that you can buy in our store or order online. We choose to deliver a unique bouquet every time that exactly meets your wishes. All wedding bouquets that you can order online are always delivered at the desired time and to the correct location.

What shapes are there for a wedding bouquet?

You can have a bridal bouquet put together entirely according to your wishes. Everything is possible. But to give you a direction, it is often nice to first see what you like. You can then see which style or shape of bridal bouquet you prefer. There are different shapes. We give some examples:

  • Biedermeier bridal bouquet or spherical bouquet
  • Picking style
  • Drop shape

Everything depends on the personality of the Bride.

Romantic rose or stylish orchid

What kind of bouquet do you prefer? With us you will find various wedding bouquets that you can order online. A bouquet of roses will never disappoint you. Roses are the most popular wedding flowers and for good reason: They have a beautiful shape, they are available all year round and come in almost all colors. From a simple bouquet with a beautiful leaf collar to a bouquet of roses mixed with other matching flowers. Everything is possible if you want to order wedding bouquets online or buy them in our store. Do you prefer to see orchids among the wedding bouquets that you can buy online? No problem! We make the perfect bouquet for you. For example, orchids are perfectly suited for the so-called 'drop bouquet', which looks stylish and simple. At the same time, we can also easily combine this versatile flower with other flowers.

We are here for you on your most beautiful day

Do you also want corsages, church decorations and decorations for your car, home or banquet hall that perfectly match your wedding bouquet for your special day? That's all possible. In addition to the wedding bouquets that you can buy online, we also offer matching decorations. We always take into account your wishes and the budget determined by you. When designing wedding bouquets, which you can order online from us, we always make sure that you are satisfied!

Choose to buy wedding bouquets online

Do not wait any longer and find your favorite bouquet from the wedding bouquets that you can order online from us or buy in our store, now. You can always order wedding bouquets online in our webshop. Would you rather choose to come to our store? No problem, feel free to drop by in Kalmthout, near Antwerp, if you would like more information. You can also reach us via [email protected] or call 03 658 26 00 if you have any questions about buying wedding bouquets online.

Flowers for other party occasions

Do you have another party occasion for which you need flowers or plants? You can also contact us. In addition to wedding bouquets, you can also buy decorations for the holidays online or order a colorful flower bouquet for your loved one. We deliver the plants or wedding bouquets that you can order online, also at your desired location.