Give your flowers & plants a longer life!

Flowers and plants are living beings, which means that they too need to eat and drink to stay healthy and strong. And like most other living things, they also need sufficient sunlight.

So make sure that your flowers and plants get enough sunlight every day, although this does not mean that you have to place them directly in the sun. For some flowers or plants that is not even good at all!

Not only flowers have to eat and drink, this is also the case for people, as you know, this does not mean that flowers can just be on the menu! Remember that many flowers are poisonous, so make sure your child or anyone else does not eat these flowers.

There are also edible flowers, but you can find these in special food stores.

Tips for a long life for your cut flowers

Our bouquets are best stored at room temperature. If you buy a bouquet for an acquaintance, don't leave it in the car when you go home! Bouquets should not be left in the freezing cold or in full sun or wind.

It is best to store a purchased or received bouquet in a vase with some water. Then it is best to follow the steps below.

      1. Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water (slightly more on the cold side), in which the cut flower food has been dissolved.
      2. It is best not to use decalcified water, as the salt can shorten the lifespan of a flower.
      3. Cut the stems diagonally by 1 to 2 cm, preferably with a sharp knife. Cutting at an angle increases water absorption.
      4. Remove all leaves that may hang under water (to prevent rotting).
      5. Place the flowers in a vase.
      6. Check the water level occasionally. (You don't always have to replace the water, you can also top it up occasionally)
      7. Avoid outing.
      8. Never place the flowers near fruit. Fruit, such as apples, secretes a substance that accelerates the flowering of cut flowers.
      9. Never place your flowers in direct sunlight, near heat sources (television, radiator) or cooling systems.


Tulips can remain beautiful for a long time if they are properly maintained. It is even possible that the flowers will still grow a few centimeters when they are in the vase!

To keep your tulips long, it is important not to give them too much water, a small amount of water is more than enough. However, you must ensure that if the water level has dropped noticeably, you refill it.

Myths and it is best not to do so!

The effects can be detrimental to the lifespan of your flowers:

      1. Put a copper coin in the water.
      2. Add gin, salt or sugar to the water.
      3. Break off, make a cross-shaped cut, flatten, score or scrape off the stems.
      4. Boiling the stems, placing them in hot water or cauterizing (woody stems are an exception to this: Lilac, Mimosa)

Tips for a longer life of houseplants

Plants require other specific care, which you can usually find in the attached text per plant. We would like to give you some general tips.

      1. Give each plant a permanent place and rotate them as little as possible.
      2. Most species like a lot of light (within one meter at the window) but not direct sunshine.
      3. Do not place your plants close to the heater and certainly not in a draft.
      4. Overwatering is the most common reason plants die.
      5. After 10 minutes, pour away the excess water.
      6. The general rule is: water regularly during growth (from April to October), water half as much during the rest period (from November to March).
      7. Provide plant food weekly during the growing period (March - September).
      8. Most plants like even temperatures, so it is best to avoid heat or cold.
      9. Preferably use rainwater for watering and watering.
      10. Choose high-quality potting soil.
      11. Pioncettia or poinsettia like a lot of warmth. Always use warm water when pouring.


The orchid is a beautiful flower that will quickly wither if you treat it incorrectly. But with the following tips you can certainly keep them for a long time!

      1. An orchid needs a lot of light but should not be placed in bright sunlight.
      2. It is also best to store them at room temperature.
      3. You should always keep them moist, but no excess water should remain in the pot/saucer!
      4. Fertilize once a month.
      5. Definitely don't leave it exposed to the wind.

An orchid can bloom several times a year, once it has bloomed you should cut the branch about 20cm above the ground.

Plants in the garden

Plants in the garden also require some attention, especially when the days are long and warm.

It is best not to give the plants tap water, always use rainwater or groundwater. If possible, it is best to water the plants early in the morning and in the evening. If you cannot do this, it is best to ensure that you water the plants as close to the roots as possible and certainly do not pour water on the leaves or flowers, as this could burn the plants, causing them to droop.