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With us you will find beautiful plant arrangements made of glass, ceramic and wood. All our plant arrangements are made entirely of fresh plants.
From bright yellow to creamy and snow white, sometimes decorated with a bright orange crown of daffodils always bring a touch of spring into your home.
Hyacinthus is a genus of bulbous plants. They come in a range of colours. Red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, white. Hyacinths spread a wonderful perfume. Each color has its own unique scent.
Crocus is an early spring bloomer and is usually seen in white, yellow and purple. They grow best in a bright sunny spot. The pistil of this crocus is orange. This gives a nice contrast with the dark purple color of the flower.
The Spathiphyllum also called spoon plant popularly. Is a stately plant with beautiful white flowers. No wonder it's the darling in a lot of living room.
Pokon plant food. Pokon Houseplant nutrition 500ml & 1000ml. Your houseplants will grow extra and flower beautifully when you feed.
The Christmas cactus is a sparkling bloomer, has flat leaves with curved spines and naturally blooms in winter. Then the Christmas cactus produces purple, red, white, pink flowers. So there is a good chance that you will enjoy its colors around Christmas.
You can recognize the Sanseveria by the sturdy, pointed leaves that come straight out of the soil. They are (grey) green, striped, spotted or have a yellow bord.
Capsicum is a decorative plant with edible peppers. The leaves are ovate to lanceolate and color green to brown-red.
Saintpaulia is also known as the African violets. It is a compact houseplant with dark green, scaly leaves. The flowers bloom just above the gray-green cuddly leaves.
The Kentia palm, also known as Howea, is one of the strongest palm species that requires little maintenance, they are recognizable by their deep green leaves in the shape of a feather.
A striking and beautiful houseplant! The decorative leaves are glossy green and in the shape of a drop. The shiny leaf looks graceful in every pot.
The flowers stand out strikingly against the graceful, white marbled leaves. The leaves are heart- or kidney-shaped, the water-bearing flower stems are hollow.
Zamioculcas has broad outgoing branches with elliptical leathery dark green glossy leaves, it is an asset to any interior.
The Philodendron has slightly wavy dark green leaves and remains very compact.
STRUCTURAL Universal Potting Soil ready for use indoors and outdoors 20 Liters and 40 Liters - For all purposes
Jerusalem Cherry is a decorative plant that bears beautiful, decorative orange apples from late autumn to early winter. Not edible.
Fatsia of Fatsi is a fast-growing plant with lobed, glossy green leaves. It has large leaves of 15 to 30 cm wide on an equally long stem. Can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
Crassula is a very strong succulent plant. It has shiny small stubby leaves that sometimes have a red edge. The wild look gives a tough look.
Anthurium or Flamingo Lily, are beautiful houseplants with striking, multicolored flowers. It is tropical plant, which likes the heat and high humidity.
Beautiful, often fragrant flowers appear between the vine branches. They not only bloom in the summer, but this beauty continues to bloom tirelessly well into the autumn. Mandevilla not only has beautiful flowers, but also beautiful, glossy green leaves.
Cactus may seem a bit difficult to approach, but once the ice has been broken, it will be there for you unconditionally. On top of that, you'll find that this prickly and fearless bad boy is also extremely easy to get along with. Super strong houseplant.
Primula or primrose is a perennial that blooms early with flowers on short stems.
Hedera is an evergreen, woody climbing plant. The plant grows in moist, nutrient-rich soil along walls and against trees to which the plant clings with short aerial roots or as a ground cover. Very strong plant
At Firenze Bloemenatelier you can now also order all plants online. With us you can choose from a wide choice of plants that we deliver to your home quickly and with care. We provide plants for both indoor and outdoor use, which you can always order at a great price and which will be delivered the same day within our working area.

Ordering your favorite plants online is quick and easy

In just a few clicks it is possible to buy plants online from your own home. Add the plants you need to your shopping cart, proceed to ordering, fill in all your details, pay and ready. Your purchase of plants that you wanted to buy online will be delivered by us to the indicated address. Delivery time and transport costs depend on where you live. In addition to our core business area in the vicinity of our store in Kalmthout, near Antwerp, we deliver throughout Belgium and you can also order plants online in our neighboring countries. You don't have to worry about transporting your plants that you want to buy online. We handle your order with care and use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging material.

Indoor and outdoor plants

We have a wide range of plants? You can buy plants for outside, flowering or green, online quickly and easily. You can also buy plants for indoors online from us. For example, do you want to give a beautiful orchid as a gift or do you opt for an anthurium to decorate your living room? Choose a custom decorative pot and we will deliver your plants as soon as possible

Flowers for every occasion

You can contact us for flowers or plants at any occasion. Are you looking for a beautiful field bouquet for Mother's Day? Or are you still looking for decoration for the end of the year? We have a wide range so that you can order your favorite flower arrangements online.

Order online and enjoy fast delivery

You can safely buy all our items online. Thanks to our experience, we ensure that your order is properly stored during transport and that the delivery takes place quickly and correctly. So don't wait any longer to order your plants online from us. If you have any questions for us, you can always mail to [email protected] or call 03 658 26 00.
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