CARE of Never Never Plant of prayer-plant (Ctenanthe):

The Ctenanthe is in fact related to the Marantaceae and Calathea. These plants share a common family trait: they move with their leaves. In the evening the leaves move upwards, which resembles praying hands. The Ctenanthe is therefore also called a prayer plant. In the morning the leaves unfold again. This way you can enjoy the green leaf pattern during the day and the purple underside in the evening.

Location Ctenanthe is a plant that likes medium to bright indirect light. To give her the perfect spot in your home, consider placing her slightly away from an east or west-facing window or in a north-facing window. You can also use artificial lighting to ensure that it gets enough light. Good to know! Ctenanthe is sensitive to direct sunlight and can burn easily. So avoid places with direct sunlight and use curtains to shield those intense sun rays.

The Ctenanthe also does not tolerate draughts well. Therefore, make sure that you do not place the plant in a drafty place, for example near a door.

Water Give the Ctenanthe small amounts of water regularly. This way you keep the potting soil constantly moist, but it does not get wet. Summer or winter: it is important to ensure that there is never a layer of water at the bottom of the pot. Just like most plants, the Ctenanthe does not like wet feet.

Humidity Ctenanthe is a tropical houseplant that likes a warm and humid environment. To keep your Ctenanthe happy, keep the temperature between 18-27°C and the humidity between 50-70%. It is therefore sometimes best to mist the plant.


Height: 100 - 150cm
Hardy: not winter hardy
Humidity: Keep moist, potting soil should not dry out
Light: partial shade, shade
Evergreen: evergreen

Without matching ornamental pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Each plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The shown plant/pot may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or webshop.

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X1 - Never Never Plant of prayer-plant

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