CARE of Kentia palm (Howea):

This is one of the stronger palms. Because the Kentia palm is easy to maintain, it is popular in offices.

Location The Kentia palm does not make high demands on light intensity. Compared to other palms, the Kentia can be relatively dark. Is growth stagnating or does the houseplant produce few fresh leaves? Then place the palm one meter closer to the window. Are the leaves turning yellow or is the plant becoming lighter in color? Then place the palm one meter further from the window. Provide maximum 3 hours of direct sunlight. This way the Kentia retains its deep dark green color.

You can place the Kentia in front of a window facing west, east or north without any problems. Never place the Kentia directly in front of a south-facing window. If you want to place the plant in front of a south-facing window, place the plant at least 3 meters from the window.

Water Make sure that the Kentia palm is continuously in slightly moist soil and that the soil does not dry out. Make sure that the roots are not in wet soil. Therefore, give small amounts of water regularly. For example, once every 5 days in the summer and once every 10 days in the winter.

Spraying Regular spraying of the Kentia palm is recommended if the radiator causes too dry air in winter. Spraying also reduces the risk of spider mites and vermin. It also removes dust from the leaf, keeping the leaf beautiful for longer.

A rain shower in the summer is also particularly effective at removing dust. We recommend spraying with decalcified water or rainwater, when this dries no limescale stains will remain on the leaf.


Height: 60 - 170 cm
Hardy: Not winter hardy
Humidity: Damp soil
Light: Part shade, Shade
Evergreen: Evergreen

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Each plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
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X1 -  Kentia palm

X1 - Kentia palm

Howea, is one of the strongest palm species that requires little maintenance.
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