CARE Ajania:

Ajania belongs in a place where there is not much else to do in autumn. She brings life and color to it. It is best to place them in a place in the sun or partial shade. The plant thrives in a neutral and calcareous soil with normal humidity. Planting distance: 38 centimeters (+- 5-7 pieces per square meter)

They are not completely hardy but in a sheltered place from cold wind or with a winter cover
they will survive the winter.


Height: 50 - 70 cm
Hardy: Hardy
Humidity: Normal Soil
Light: Part shade, Sun
Evergreen: Evergreen

Without accompanying decorative pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Every plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The plant/pot shown may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or online store.

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Number of pieces in packaging
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September - November
Winter hardy
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Air purifying
Does not apply
Perennial plant
The strength of the plant
Rock solid
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