Your houseplants will grow extra and flower beautifully when you feed with plant food. This food contains essential nutritional elements and a rich mix of trace elements that keep your houseplants beautiful and healthy. In addition, your plant becomes strong and healthy thanks to extra humus extracts and a 100% vegetable bio-stimulant. This allows your plant to absorb the nutrients better.

- Shake before use
- Feed once a week
- One cap per liter of water
- Winter months half a cap per liter of water
- For plants in a hydroponics, 5 ml per liter of water applies.


Tips for beautiful and healthy houseplants:
- When potting, potting and repotting, use a potting soil for your houseplant.
- Repot your houseplant every now and then, so it can continue to grow.

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Pokon Plant food

Pokon Plant food

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