CARE of also called the eastern teaberry, the checkerberry, the boxberry, or the American wintergreen (Gaultheria):

The plant requires little maintenance. When the twigs and leaves have withered, cut the plant 5 to 10 cm above the ground in April - May. The plant will now form fresh new branches and leaves.

TIP: If you like to make the soil a little more acidic for a specific plant, take some green needles from a coniferous tree. Spread this around the plant base of the plant. The needles will soon turn brown and release their ingredients into the soil. Your plant can then use it.


Height: 15 - 20 cm
Hardy: Hardy
Humidity: Normal Soil
Light: Part shade
Evergreen: Evergreen

Without accompanying decorative pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Every plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The plant/pot shown may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or online store.

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June - August
Winter hardy
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