CARE Curcuma:

The Curcuma is typically a plant that gives a lot and asks for little. It prefers a light and sunny spot on the windowsill, but also in the conservatory or on the balcony at a temperature from 15°C. Water your Curcuma twice a week and add a dash of liquid plant food once every two weeks. A Curcuma can give 2 to 5 new flowers, which bloom for about 3 weeks per flower.

With sufficient light, water and food, a flower will bloom for about 3 weeks. When the flower has finished blooming, cut it as low as possible above the ground so that the plant can put all its energy into a new flower. A Curcuma can give 2 to 5 new flowers so that you can enjoy it for a long time.


Height: 20 - 80 cm
Hardy: Not hardy
Humidity: Moist soil
Light: Lots of sunlight
Evergreen: Deciduous

Without accompanying decorative pot.
The plant is safely packed in a box.

Extra information:
Every plant grows and blooms in its own way and will differ per season and per plant.
The plant/pot shown may differ in shape and size from the purchase in the store or online store.


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