Tips when using candles:

  1. Do not leave candles burning unattended!

  2. Before lighting a candle, the wick must be cut to about 1 cm.

  3. Substrates must be sufficiently large and non-flammable.

  4. Place burning candles perpendicular and at least 10 cm apart, and away from other heat sources.

  5. Avoid drafts and the proximity of combustible materials.

  6. With thick candles, a raised edge should be regularly cut away.

  7. If the candle smokes, it must be extinguished and the wick shortened.

  8. Multi-wick candles burn until the liquid mass has reached the outer edge, then extinguish the candle.

  9. With floating candles, the vase should be filled with water up to 4 cm from the top.

  10. A candle in a wind light requires a wind light that is at least twice as wide as the candle.

  11. Keep candles out of the reach of children.

  12. Extinguish candles by dipping the wick into the liquid mass. Then put the fuse back in its original position.

  13. Draft and air conditioning make candles drip.

  14. After the candle has been extinguished, a black ball is sometimes placed on it, to remove it, then the candle burns the best.

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