Scented candles: Our natural and 100% vegetable wax, also hand cream.

The scented candles are made with love and craftsmanship. Which are processed in the traditional way in our factory in Provence. They consist entirely of natural Soy wax, paraffin-free and vegetable ingredients, completely organic and therefore completely degradable, so environmentally friendly, which can also be used as a hand cream or massage oil.

The natural Soy wax is also known for its longer burning time. The special candles do not smoke, burn up to 45% longer compared to paraffin candles and have a better scent diffusion. (+- 40 burning hours)

Keep the wick of the candle short, about 5 mm, always light the candle for a long time, at least two hours, so that the essential oils come into their own and the perfume has time to spread through the room. are part of the collection de Grasse, named after the Provencal city of Grasse, which is located near the Mediterranean Sea. This city is known as the 'world capital of perfumery'. Grasse perfumers are known for creating original fragrances because of their expertise in this field. deliver a philosophy of high quality with regard to deep-rooted values.

Respect for people and nature, Natural essential oils and formulas, with a view to sustainability Provence is a magically unique place in France, inspired by the lively floral bouquet of sensations and emotions, born of seasons. This subtle perfume made up of the top, heart and bass notes of the flower and plant extracts slowly spreads through the room you use them for. You can make every room smell exactly the way you want: for example, give your living room a fresh boost with a light fruity floral scent. Or create a romantic atmosphere with soft warm wood tones. You can also create exactly that atmosphere in your bedroom. Refreshing, romantic, cozy or seductive, with our home perfumes all rooms smell wonderful! Our product is an opportunity for the softness of our nature and the happiness of every moment

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Plantes & Parfums Scented candle

Plantes & Parfums Scented candle

Perfume your home with our special, natural Soy wax and vegetable scented candle & hand cream ❤️
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Scented candle
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